The Toothbrush Shelves Project

The oral cavity has a very high concentration of micro organisms, and in a child living with HIV one wants to decrease the possibility of secondary infections that in turn has a direct influence on the overall health of the child. Through the incorrect storage of toothbrushes cross contamination of organisms take place among the children and they are infecting each other with additional organisms. The recommendation of proper storage of toothbrushes was not applied at the Children homes. Smile of Joy had to provide and fit the proper toothbrush shelves in order to ensure the correct storage of the toothbrushes and cups to minimize cross contamination of the different organisms.

Due to limited financial resources we needed an organisation to adopt this service and assist us in the battle against the infected oral cavities of the children.

The rotaract club of Germiston took the lead on this project and also got a couple of other rotaract clubs involved.

Smile of Joy hereby dedicates this page to all who helped and is still helping with this mammoth task of fitting all the homes with toothbrush shelves and would like to express our sincere gratitude to all involved.